"Hi Luca, this morning I saw your exhibition at the ex School of Art in town and now your website. I applaud you for your pencil drawings, which are beautiful, and for your website that is so well done and with helpful technical sections. Bravo!"
(Sandro Serra)

"Hi Luca. I am so glad you are back again! I love drawing portraits too and I have to thank you for three years ago I improved my technique. Congratulations!"
(Matteo Pantano)

"Finally a true Italian talent! And I am surprised and happy to see that you have the patience to explain your art in step-by-step tutorials. They are for me, and I suppose for all the others, a great advice to improve! Congratulations and keep up the good work. I am here longing to see new art from you! Eheh! ;)"
(Nicola Fabiani)

"It's a great pleasure to see your pencil art again and to follow the making of new pencil portraits of yours. Your drawings are special, I am always amazed by the use of light touches in every single detail of your portraits. Welcome back!"
(Federica Quattrini)

Suggested books

copertina libro Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencils di J.D.HillberryJ.D.Hillberry shows on the web his awesome portraits and drawings made with graphite and charcoal pencils. Don't miss the Trompe L'Oeil section. Using graphite and charcoal in a great way, J.D. shows that even a very humble medium such as a pencil can create masterpieces with beautiful three-dimentional effects. If you would like to learn J.D.Hillberry's techniques I do suggest you to buy his book Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil from his personal website. Several illustrations will show you how many of his artworks were done with a step-by-step explanation.

copertina libro Drawing from Line to Life di Mike SibleyMike Sibley reveals how beautiful drawings can be made with just graphite pencils. He is great at representing animals and landscapes in a very realistic way. He knows very well sophisticate techniques that can mislead our brain making us believe that, in the drawing, there are more details than those actually represented. If you want to learn his technique don't miss his amazing book Drawing from Line to Life. Mike included there also a pencil portrait of a little girl, even though he usually draws cats and dogs.

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